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Diegoforfun's Modern House MOD
(12.34MB) 10.12.2013, 00:00
After a long time workin' hard on this mod i got my modern house done, finally!
This mod brings a completely new house for San andreas.A private island near Toreno's and a beaufitul modern house with a deck and a boat parked there.Also it has a custom savepoint and a map icon to find it easily in game!

CLEO 4 Library (LINK)
Map Limit Adjuster (Link bellow)
CLEO Memory Fix (Select one of them according to your pc settings) 
A Brain
Q.I above 2

SA Vegetation Pack RELOADED (The one i use in my pics)
Marty Mcfly ENB X  (The one i use in my pics)

You'll find 3 folders packed inside the .Rar file.

"add to gta3.img folder" --> add all those files to gta3.img using img editor

"CLEO folder"-->Copy ModernHouseBoatParked.cs and ModernHousSave.cs and paste them in your cleo folder. (ModernHousSave.cs allows you to save (custom savepoint) inside the house like you do on vanilla's houses and ModernHouseBoatParked.cs add the custom boat parked on the deck)

"data folder" ---> Copy object.dat and maps folder and paste in your data folder. object.dat makes the main gate moveable and the map folder contains the house's coordinates
(If you have any mod that also use object.dat file, you'll need to add this manually:
Open your object.dat using notepad, press CRTL+F and look for  "interior doors"and add this line bellow:
hou7,                5.0,        5.0        0.98,        0.1,        50.0,        0.0,      1.0,    0,    6,    1,     0,    0,    0.0, 0.0, 0.0,        none

Should look like this:

;***********interior doors*************
hou7,                5.0,        5.0        0.98,        0.1,        50.0,        0.0,      1.0,    0,    6,    1,     0,    0,    0.0, 0.0, 0.0,        none
Gen_doorEXT10,        5.0,        5.0        0.98,        0.1,        50.0,        0.0,      1.0,    0,    6,    1,     0,    0,    0.0, 0.0, 0.0,        none

Save it and you're done! 
Since GTA Engine limits the amount of maps that you can have in game, you'll need to use maplimitadjuster.asi , This tool increases san andreas map limit. You need Cleo 4 Library to get it working !!
Map Limit Adjuster DOWNLOAD LINK SaveFrom.net
Extract files to SA main folder.
I didnt make this script and also,i don't know who made it.If you know leave me a message that i'll credit the author.

Backup your files before installing this mod!
Use at your on risk and you must know what you're doing!!
I don't take any responsibility for errors during installation!
All those files were ported by me(Diego4fun)and all those cleo scripts were made by me Diego4fun!!!
They all were tested over and over again without any issues/problems to the game! 

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